Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School Rose Hill Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire  OL6 8YG
The Future
A Vision For Our School In 2021
This is a school that is characterised by the strength of caring relationships across adults and children and these generate true cooperation and teamwork. Consequently, all members of the community enjoy being part of the school, feel valued, and reach their potential.                       The school's Methodist values are manifest in these relationships and the excellent behaviour of children who feel safe and listened to. Children display an awareness of spirituality and understand the importance of prayer. All children make excellent progress in all areas of a rich and broad curriculum and the gaps in achievement between groups have been closed. This has been achieved through outstanding teaching characterised by innovative, effective and exciting lessons well matched to the needs of all children.  Leadership at all levels is outstanding in supporting and maintaining a focus on core values and empowering children and staff to realise the school's mission. The school is a centre of learning serving the needs of the local and wider community. The Development Centre is an established staff development resource, building on the school’s excellent practice, providing training and conference facilities. The youngest children and their parents are supported through a range of health and educational activities. Day care is fully integrated into the school so that children have a seamless transition through the school. The school is widely known and respected as an excellent, welcoming, innovative, inclusive and happy place where its Methodist values are lived out to the full.
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