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I have been involved in some research around how mathematical concepts develop in children, this combined with my visit to Shanghai and my work within the National Maths Hub has led me to investigating this approach. All of the year one staff have received special training on this method. Since we returned after half term, each year one class has begun to work on Singapore Maths. The books are called ‘Maths No Problem’. How does it work? A structured textbook is used with the class at the start of each lesson. The children spend time working with objects and equipment before recording their work. They also have time to talk to their partners and the teacher to discuss their ideas and findings. Children then practice these skills in their own workbook. The three year 1 classes are currently trialling this approach. I have already organised parent workshops about this new way of teaching. We now also have some videos (below) to explain how parts of the lessons are taught. There is also information on Singapore Bar Modelling which all other classes are working on. Please have a look and do let me know what you think. Mrs Redman Head of School
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This video is designed to explain to parents the fundamental concepts of addition, place value and the importance of using the right nouns.
Number bonds are often used in Singapore-style maths lessons. In this video, Maths — No Problem! series consultant, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how we teach number bonds.
In this video, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how subtraction is taught in a Singapore-style primary maths lesson.
Dr Yeap Ban Har explores multiplication strategies for primary school children. This video is designed for parents who are interested in the Singapore Maths methods used in their school.
In this video, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how long division is taught in a Singapore-style Maths lesson.
In this video, Dr Yeap Ban Har demonstrates how we teach children to work out the answer to a sum in their head.
Drawing a bar model is a way of using a diagram to represent a word problem. Series consultant, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how bar models are taught in a Singapore-style Maths lesson.
Bar models help children solve maths problems through the use of diagrams. In this second bar model video, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how bar models are used in a Singapore-style Maths. lesson.
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