Lindsay Kingsley
Hi my name is Lindsay Kingsley and I am a staff governor at Rosehill. I   became   a   governor   in   2008   and   I   was   a   parent   governor   before   changing   to   staff   governor   in 2011.      I   am   currently   Chair   of   the   Pastoral   Committee   and   I   have   served   on   the   Pastoral   & Curriculum & Standards Committee. I am also the Foundation Link Governor. I   currently   work   in   Year   1   at   Rosehill   and   I   became   a   governor   when   my   eldest   child   was   at Rosehill.         I   was   interested   in   how   the   school   was   run   and   how   that   would   impact   my   child’s education.   I   wanted   to   be   able   to   understand   and   contribute   to   Rosehill   and   ensure   the   children’s best   interest   were   the   motivation   behind   any   decision   made-which   I   am   extremely   happy   to   say that they are. I bring an all rounded approach to my role from being a member of staff to having experience as a governor and most importantly being a parent myself.
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