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Rosehill Group of Parents with Children with SEN: Meeting No1 Tuesday 15th November 2:15pm @ Rosehill Primary School Present: Vicky Moores Nicola Parker Maxine Smith Margaret Clemper Clark Rachel Beswick Craig Bray Vicky and Jamie Bonser François Ladam (Family Cohesion Co-ordinator) Agenda First meeting of Parents with children with SEN Define what the aim of the group is and also when the group can meet. Group rules Group’s rules After a brief welcome the group started to discuss the group’s rules. The group agreed on respecting each other’s opinion, on not interrupting people while they speak and also on respecting the confidentiality of the talks within the group. Aim of the group. Information The aims of the group are to offer a place for parents to talk about issues they are facing on a daily basis, to share ideas and good practice, also to get access to the right and accurate information about services available at school as well as outside of school. It will be an opportunity for parents of children attending Rosehill Primary School, to meet the teaching assistant and SENCO who support children with Special Education Needs.  It will also give the group an opportunity to meet external agencies. Improve the communication between parents and school The group identified the need to improve the communication between school and parents. Improve the collaboration between parents and school. The group would like to establish a good and efficient collaboration between school and parents with children with SEN. The group agreed on meeting once every half term. Actions: For Francois Ladam to email Jamie Bonser, contact for the dyslexia Centre. For Francois to Invite Dave Whiting (SENCO) to the next meeting. Suggest and find a name for the group. Create an email account Start: 2:15pm, end: 3:15pm Next Meeting – Wednesday 18th January 2012 @2.15pm Any agenda items to be emailed to the Parents group at:
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